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Most sunscreen is very toxic to you and your children. This is one of those summer essentials that we don’t think is optional and we don’t think we have an alternative. Most offensive of all, when it comes to using sunscreen on our children, we often assume that if it’s made for children, it must be safe. “They” wouldn’t let our children be harmed, right? Wrong.

The Environmental Working Group is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that is dedicated to protecting human health and the environment. They do the exhaustive research that we don’t have time to do, they tell us what toxins are in our products and they rate those products and companies so we can make easy decisions about what to buy for our families.

These 8 facts about sunscreen will get the ball rolling. Read here.

Ready to make the switch?

This simple and easy guide to shopping for safe sunscreen will help you get started today.

Want to find out how your current sunscreen ranks on the toxic scale? Search for it in EWG’s Skin Deep database.

Want to know which sunscreen EWG has already determined is the safest? Read their report here.

Don’t forget to comment below! I want to know…What do you like most about the sunblock you use and have you found a more natural version that you’re going to try?

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