Hello. Make Some Tea and Stay A While.

Our individual health and our shared habitat are community efforts. You shouldn’t have to struggle by yourself to achieve strong health. And we can’t protect the purity of our habitat without being united.

The amount of information out there is overwhelming. The number of causes to fight for can scatter your impact and endurance. Every day new gloomy statistics can render you hopeless. 

We pride ourselves on always getting to the root cause of the problem. If we aren’t healthy and our habitat can’t support us anymore, does anything else really matter? 

So start by learning. We’ll teach you how to care for yourself and our habitat. We’ll give you simple tips for when you’re ready to take action. 

We’d love to hear from you, so please comment on our articles and contact us.

Aston Farquharson & Jillian Pelliccio


Nuspecies Corporation

NuSpecies Corporation invents and manufactures custom nutritional formulas and owns NuSpecies Health Centers from New York to Georgia. Our liquid formulas are made from whole food plant ingredients that are raw, organic and wildcrafted. NuSpecies Corporation provides the tools and resources to help people rebuild their health. NuSpecies work in the field of nutrition has resulted in thousands of our clients with disease conditions living better and longer lives.


Nuspecies Global Machines

We also knew from the beginning that if we were going to be able to continue providing nutritional formulas with Organic, wildcrafted, pure and potent plant ingredients, we needed to protect the habitat that grows them. A clean, renewable source of electricity like NuPlanet®, can realistically contribute to the global effort to reduce greenhouse gases and protect the environment



NuFoundation provides free education to help you make better choices in protecting your health, the health of others, and our habitat. Our goal is to provide the tools you need to care for your body and the environment that sustains you. We write educational articles, provide actionable steps, and encourage you with the real stories of those we serve.


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